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Geeks in Biology – An Ecoinformatics Course for Advanced Learners
30 July–12 August 2017
Course Description: In this lecture series, students will learn about the different tools and techniques used by biologists and ecologists in their everyday work. In modern biology research, huge amounts of data are generated, and we need effective tools to process them. However, in most of the cases, there are no ready-made informatics solutions available for us. Thus, biologists should be creative and innovative. Frequently, we develop our own tools, and we also often use complex software solutions for preparing and processing data in individual research projects. In this series of lectures, biologists and ecologists from various subject areas will introduce the students to their special informatics techniques. In addition to the professional program, students will be welcome to take part in all the cultural events related to the regular Hungarian Language and Culture Summer Course offered by Debrecen Summer School.

Következő kurzusunk

Egyhetes kurzusok 2017
2017. január 16–június 2. és szeptember 18–december 8. között minden héten

Képzési program engedélyezési száma:

Órák száma: 30
Szint: kezdőtől felsőfokú szintig

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