Debreceni Nyári Egyetem @1927

"Egy nyelv tanítása elválaszthatatlan az adott nemzet kulturális értékeinek közvetítésétől."
Cultural Diplomacy and Nation branding: A Small State Perspective
28 July-04 August 2019
Small states cannot gain resource-based power (lacking the appropriate size of territory, population, or armed forces). Thus, they are advised to build their reputation on cultural assets. Meanwhile, some sceptics warn that there are also dangers in this globalized cultural competition. Pursuing international success, nation branding may become homogenized, and thus disintegrated from the national identity of inhabitants. The course has been designed to illustrate these dilemmas through Hungarian examples. It reveals how Hungary started to develop its cultural diplomacy infrastructure in the 1920s (after having lost the two-thirds of its territory), the experiments with cultural seasons in the first decade of the 21st century (when Hungary joined the European Union), nation branding concepts in some commercials and country brand videos of the 2010s, and finally a few media genres which may be peculiar formats for articulating Hungarian national identity. Major Topics: [1] Cultural Diplomacy and Nation Branding: Overlaps and Differences; [2] Dilemmas of Nation Branding: Globalized and/or Nationalist? [3] Dilemmas of Nation Branding: Only an Image or Rather Achievements? [4] The Cultural Policy of Kunó Klebelsberg and the First Hungarian Cultural Institutions in the 1920s; [5] The Global Network of Cultural Institutions and the Series of Cultural Seasons in the 21st Century; [6] “Wellspring of Wonders” (2017- ): a Country Brand Video Channel; [7] “What’s Typically Hungarian” (2018): a Big Company’s Commercial with a Nation Branding Intent; [8] “1.5 Million Steps in Hungary”: a Popular Educational Docuseries from the 1970-80s; [9] “Wild Hungary” (2011): an Internationally Successful Nature Film and its Franchise-creating Influence; [10] “Subjective Atlas of Hungary” (2011): an Unofficial Arty Guide of the Hungarian Way of Living

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Egyhetes kurzusok 2019
2018. január 21–június 7. és szeptember 30–december 6. között minden héten

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